Reiki Classes

The beauty of this ancient hands-on healing technique is that it is pleasantly easy to learn.  It takes just 2 days to learn the basics after which it is all up to the student.  The more that Reiki is used, the greater the benefits and rewards.

Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 4 students to allow for a deeper, more personal experience.

Students are given attunements after which they are able to receive and send universal energy.  Quite simply, an attunement is the process whereby the teacher opens up the student’s chakras and puts the energy of the student into resonance with the energy of the universe.  It is through this process that the student becomes an energy pathway.

Reiki Level I

2 days, $200

In Level I you will gain an understanding of where Reiki originated, how it works, how to do a complete self-treatment, how to treat someone else, and how to incorporate Reiki into your life.  There are four attunements during the weekend. Students receive a signed Usui Shiki Ryoho certificate upon completion of the two-day course.

There is no prerequisite for Level I

Note:  There is a minimum 21-day period of clearing and releasing needed after each weekend class before a student may go on to the next level.

Also, please note that once attuned to REIKI, the ability to channel energy will be with you for life, and there is never any need to learn new levels unless you are interested and feel that you are ready.

Reiki Level II

2 days, $225

In this second level, the student learns three sacred and powerful symbols which increase the Reiki energy, focus in on emotional healing, and allow treatments at a distance.   There are two attunements during the weekend, and students receive a signed certificate upon completion.  Prerequisite is Level I.

Reiki Level III

2 days, $250

This Level is about self-mastery, and the prerequisite is Levels I & II.

Two more powerful symbols are learned, and there are two attunements during the weekend.  A review of the previous levels takes place, and meditations and techniques are introduced to deepen your practice and help you to manifest the life that you were meant to live.

Reiki Refresher

1/2 day, $50

This course is a refresher for all of you who have been certified in Reiki but just seem to have lost your way, either because you have not practiced in a long time, or because you have forgotten what you learned. This half day is open to practitioners of all levels of Reiki, and includes an attunement


  • Dr. Mikao Usui, Japan
  • Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, Japan
  • Hawayo Takata, USA
  • Barbara Ray, USA
  • Leah Smith, Ottawa ON
  • Anne MacLeod, Kingston ON
  • Judy Ward, Battersea ON
  • Carol Comerford, Maitland ON
  • Your name goes here…